Monday, June 30, 2014

smoke and coffee

Smoke and Coffee

take a sip of bitterness,
puff me your poisonous smoke,
deadly but yet feels good,
kiss me on my lips,
taste the sweet of bitterness,
you make me turn on baby,
touch me with horrible smell of yours,
twist your tongue,
lock me on your grips,
squeeze me tight with your hips honey,
give me your passionate lust,
we make love like endless night,
smell of cigarette spreading to the air,
take a deep breath with elegant scent of coffee,
smoke and coffee,
i'll give you a pleasure you wont regret.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014



Here i'm at the fallen kingdom,
i used to be wise and kind,
until the greed shallow me whole,
seduced by beautiful lust,
my life was pampered with diamond and gold,
now i'm all alone,
paradise that i build crumble right in front of my eye,
feeling of regret haunted me for life,
unmerciful conquer every land that i stand,
blood shed everywhere just point of finger,
the king of tyrant,
no one shall defy or deny my words,
i'm defeat with my own greed,
drowning deep in nightmare,
my man died of false loyality,
the kingdom falls in chaos,
there is nothing i can do,
by watching it burns to ashes,

Monday, June 23, 2014



Destiny is already written,
bound with your spirit and soul,
the will of fire blazing thru your fist,
cold of emotionless frozen your heart,
skin coated with titanium close the weakness,
stumble your enemy with your strength,
let the fear streaming to the air,
the sound make people tremble,
until the end of their spine,
no one can stop you,
the one man army,
rage of thousand man,
ground shakes for every steps,
i hope you already prepare,
the last sentence of your words,
this is destiny,



Day after day,
my heart still remain the same,
i learned things,
But nothing change,
i feel like a lot stupider now,
a man whose a fool for love,
Too naive to live in the reality of despise,
i told myself i was ready for the world,
but then, i have been shot,
i see many people die,
but some of them fight to survive,
"i dont deserve this"
slowly stand up
and hold my ground,
once fall, shall rise again,
wound and bruises
already blend within my vein,
take me down on sight,
i will return it twice,
i give you the best i got,
effort from pain and suffer,
to gain glory and victory
throne that no one can claim,
i'm king, and forever it shall be.

Saturday, June 14, 2014


i remember for the first time we met at the garden,
the moment i saw you,sniffing the white roses at the garden,
you look soo beautiful at that time, it is like you're one with the roses,
i still remember the smile that you gave me,
sweet like a candy,
the pair of big eyes of yours,
like shining stars of hope,
your cute face when you laughing and giggle,
always be my blooming rose in my heart that never die.
when the wind blow floating your hair,
i was astonish by the beauty of yours,
the memory i kept inside for long time,
is the sweetest moment i ever had,
i'm grateful to have you by my side,