Saturday, May 28, 2016



salah satu nikmat teragung di dunia.
di mana kita fikir bila berada di dunia luar,
hanya kita bersendiri,
tetapi Tuhan mentakdirkan mereka dengan kita,
untuk berjumpa dan berjalan bersama.

mereka seperti kekasih tetapi lebih memahami,
seperti keluarga
kita menjaga antara satu sama lain
untuk menghadapi dunia luar ini.

mereka yang menasihati,
mereka yang berada di sisi,
mereka yang senyum bersama,
mereka yang sedih bersama,

mereka yang menyambut tangan kau ketika susah,
mereka yang bersorak untuk kau berjaya.
kerna mereka sudah menerima kau seadanya,

"no matter what happen, I always gonna be right by your side."


Friday, May 13, 2016

Blue Moon

May I join you in this fantasy?
Dancing at the middle of the lake,
Light by the full moon,
Where you dance gracefully under night stars
The way you move sparkle with magic,
Your eyes never fail to mesmerize me,
Let us live in endless dream,
Defying time and space,
Synchronizing our heart beat by touch of hand,
Resonance two soul become one,
With angelic smile of yours,
I feel like all the motion stops,

To appreciate the beauty of yours.

Blade of Kusanagi

Once hold,
One’s must bear the consequences,
I used to be bathed in darkest sin,
I may corrupt your mind and soul,
I may be your retaliation for rage,
I may hurt the one you loved the most,
Day and night covered in curse,
Save me,
Control me with your will,
Conceal me with your patience,
I wish,
Even for once,
You wield me with love and compassion,
To pursue your dream,
I’m willing to be tarnish and broken,
For sake of love,
It is my honor to be in your pure heart
Thank you for your kindness in treating me,
From the way I used to be,

Because I’m going to be the greatest you’ll even seen.