Saturday, April 9, 2016


As i fight
in my weak and aching soul,
fear tremble to my spine,
i thought i never win,
i never get up,
keep thinking falling and failing,
almost all the time,
once tears shed,
i realized,
i'm breathing,

I still standing


We've been running soo long
i forgot where we started,
burning rubber till the combustion stop,
chasing sun from set to dawn,
red yellow and green only light along the way,

shifting our heart like gears,
further it goes, faster we'll be,
follow the flow as the road shown,
instinct and timing keeping me closer,
star gazing as the tires spinning
as i close my eyes
falling deep in my imagination,

when the engine start,
the reality chase begin,
put my hope on the pedal,
till the smoke of raging tire linger to the sky,
my wings spread ready to fly,
color the road with taillights,
flaming exhaust burning road,
you set and here i go.

This heart


This heart stay to non
because non of it stop,
this heart owns to non,
because nothing stay forever,
because of one
this heart grow.

the one who tame me,
the one who restrain me,
the one who linger in me,

this heart grow fonder with touch of finger,
that eyes, remain forever as memories,
as the time goes on,
with wrinkles lurking
i still love you 
and i always do.



She love the sun but hate the night,
She want the stars but forget about the moon,
She enjoy being in love,
But hated the pain.

She said she was destroy but why she still breathing?
She said she push him away but always came back with the same story,
She wrote thousand times,
the same from thousand years back,

She didn't see luck on her side,
She push too much,
She suffocated,
Some were left overdose,
Some died with bullet holes.



You make me thinking everything,
Hoping you'll be fine each day,
these chains slowly break,
unlock the broken door shut tight without a knob,
its been a while i haven't worry about someone,
when i opened my eyes,
first word making my breath is your name,
this dead heart start pulsing faintly,
those smile, those eyes,
made me wondering where have you been all along,

It is my dream to write about someone who looks me straight in the eye,
when i reciting this,
someone i cared, someone who appreciate me when i'm around,
i may be a dick or a douche,
but when you by my side,
you make this dry heart melt,
love me like you do,

When i took a glimpse into your eyes,
something tells me, go for it.

I'm just a little boy in this big world,
i need a girl to hold my hands and say,

"lets make it ours"


i'm just a boy who full of wonder.