Sunday, April 8, 2012

Man With Beautiful Gun

Playing at field full of flowers,
See you plucking one of roses,
I can see those blushed on your face,
its been playing on my mind every time,

I love to stare to your eyes,
Those innocent eyes,
Seeing you smiling,
Like living in my own imagination,

A girl like you its hard to find,
In thousand and one,you are the only one,
Let me be your wind to keep you cold,
I travel all around the world just to find a girl like you,

My love for you just like flowing water,
I'm your speed,
You my flow,
I don't use arrow,
because its too slow,

I use bullet to take down my enemy,
I make sure my shot straight to fatal critical,
In order to fight and create my own story,
I will make my own history,

I craft a bullet with my name on it,
I'll shoot straight to your heart,
Serious wound that never bleed,
Because i want you to keep it,
Till the end of time,

I'm the man with double mask,
I'm the man with thousand face,
I'm the man in shadow,
I hope one day you will find me,
The man that made a serious damaged to you,

sincerely: Man With Beautiful Gun 

Friday, April 6, 2012

Season Love

Everytime I look at you,
Its makes me thinking of you,
Every touch you make,
I always remember of it,
Even it is just one time,
You make me warm every time,

Your touch just like a wind,
Your voice like nature,
Your skin white as snow,
You are inside my soul,
We just like diamond and gold

Playing lonely sound without melody,
Hearing your beautiful voice with melody,
Make me happy extremely,
I never thought thinking like this,

You make me warm in season chills,
Feeling  for  you make my sound beautifully,
Just like your happy face even in painfully,
Your heart full of peace,
Your appearance just like a mist,