Thursday, June 4, 2015


"let me walk down the road alone,
the pain that you did was unbearable and unforgivable,"

he choose to live with it,
day by day tried to forget,
the stories that didn't have happy ending,
the one that they called invincible,
the one that they called heartless,
the one that they said, the wicked
is the one that slowly dying,
despite all the smile that he crafted,
hidden thousand stories he couldn't tell,
she said you may find the others,
a sentence full of lies,
trying to make up what is undone,

he told her to stay but she didn't,
he said, "can you do a last favor for me?"
she reply "what is it?"
he said, "smile for me for the last time,"

she did,

that's all he need to move forward,
he was angry,
he was furious,
his rage all over his head,
but he didn't say a word.

she thought he just like the other guy,
but deep down, she realize,
what have i done.

that is the last time he saw her,
"i'm going to miss you once more and this time, it stay forever like this."
he put down his sword,his shield and everything,
he sat down to the tree,
"i'm tired, i need a rest"
the moment he close his eyes,
he's stay forever.

hoping one day,
he could fight again,
someone who fight like he did,
someone who willing to hurt like he did,

have a rest young warrior,
you deserve it.

Sunday, May 3, 2015

little time

Even it is only a short time, but it is how you appreciate the moment
give your best 

Saturday, May 2, 2015



Where is the old me,
am i still there?
the darkness has devour me whole,
why i'm change?
can i change back to myself?
the way i used to be,
instead being the one i hate?
please help me,
i'm lost,
i just want to go home,
i'm laughing on innocent,
twisted mind with beautiful lies,
please remember me the way i used to be,
even i'm staying in your vivid memories,
i was blind,
i was left behind,
i forget those who stayed by my side,
i thought i already open,
sadly i only used one eye to perceive the world,
but not looking to myself,
i exploited those who's weak,
i killed the king,
i killed the one that used to be me,
and now i have nothing,
stuck in the maze of life,
i cant get out,
i just want to live,
i'm the monster of myself,
i'm the demon of myself,
I'm a killer of myself,
because i forgot to love myself,
please tell me how the way i used to be...

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

The Other Side of Me

The Other Side of Me.

Beautiful black and white,
tainted with scarlet red,
Lost and stuck
Between two world of mine

1000 ways to labyrinth
finding treasure of myth
dreaming diamond and gold
but twisted with pandora box

Cry for help in silent voice,
the world is deaf and blind
reality keep alter and shifting fast
movement become slow
left in past memories
still young but forgotten..

Saturday, February 7, 2015


once i was plain nothing,
naive bout the world that i believe,
i abandon people i loved,
i thought they just slow me down,
and i realize they who grab my hand when i'm lost,
i was boy who cried alone,
showing smile of shame like nothing happened,
people didn't see what i see and feel,
i become things i dont want,
i was soaked with my ego and pride,
i thought i'm king,
but i just plain nothing,
i'm drowning deep with dark thoughts,
this is not i wanted to be,
i cry for nothing,
i fight for nothing,
i'm winning over nothing,
i follow my heart too much,
now i'm fighting myself,
the part i dont want,
i believe i'll be defeat,
and go back to the time i was destined to be.