Thursday, March 3, 2011

losing you..

Losing you right now,
Like i'm missing my heart beat,

Missing you right now,
Like i'm losing my soul,

Pretend to smile is all i can do,
In order to hide my bleeding heart,

I dont want to leave you,
Because i dont want to hurt you,

I know you deserve someone better than me,
i'm sorry i cant be the best guy in your life,

I will die for you,
Even you dont want too,

I swear i protect you even thousand sword stab in my back,
Loving you is all i ask,

I dont want anything from you,
Except your love,your heart and your smile in my heart,

I will do anything for you,
As long i'm with you,

Darling,let me die in smile just for you,
Because i fall in love with you till the end of my heart,
that never stop love you...

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