Sunday, April 8, 2012

Man With Beautiful Gun

Playing at field full of flowers,
See you plucking one of roses,
I can see those blushed on your face,
its been playing on my mind every time,

I love to stare to your eyes,
Those innocent eyes,
Seeing you smiling,
Like living in my own imagination,

A girl like you its hard to find,
In thousand and one,you are the only one,
Let me be your wind to keep you cold,
I travel all around the world just to find a girl like you,

My love for you just like flowing water,
I'm your speed,
You my flow,
I don't use arrow,
because its too slow,

I use bullet to take down my enemy,
I make sure my shot straight to fatal critical,
In order to fight and create my own story,
I will make my own history,

I craft a bullet with my name on it,
I'll shoot straight to your heart,
Serious wound that never bleed,
Because i want you to keep it,
Till the end of time,

I'm the man with double mask,
I'm the man with thousand face,
I'm the man in shadow,
I hope one day you will find me,
The man that made a serious damaged to you,

sincerely: Man With Beautiful Gun 

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