Monday, May 28, 2012

That's what i do when i love you

The world start decorated with fire,
human being start filling it with gun powder,
sky kept raging,
ground kept shaking with all those war games,

Even though we separated by distance,
its doesn't mean i cant send my love letters,
im fighting all the way thru just to see you,
because i love you that's what i do,

i love when i see you smiling at me,
even i covered in blood and wound,
you still come at me and heal me,
and then i realize that my effort is worth it,

when we see night skies,
there always have stars and moonlight
just like you in my heart,
you always be the one and only brightest star in my heart.

no matter what happen,
i sacrifice my life in order to keep you safe and sound,
GO!,get behind me and run,
don't worry,i'll protect you

i want you to keep living in this world,
loving you is enough for me,
create your dreams,
save yourselves,

i'll find you,like first time i did for you,
one day,we will meet again,
i you..till the end of time,
i fight for you till the end of my last breath,


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