Thursday, June 6, 2013

lonely love(repost)


now i seen people together,
holding hands together,
hugging each other,
they feel like they live in their own world,

i wish i can be like them,
she always be right beside me,
kiss me,hug me,but i just lonely love boy,
what i have now,only your voice whispering in my mind,
feel the wind,blowing the cold in the sad snow,my tear became ice,only the chill that i have right now,
i wish i can share the happy moment with,but why??i just sitting alone in the cold snow,

crying by myself,but there nothing left,
i used to taste the snow,its feel so sweet in my heart even its have no taste at all
..but,i feel my heart is frozen,
nothing can heat it anymore,
the snow never end,lonely love never less,
because i still love u,
even you not notice.. let myself buried under the sad snow forever as long you happy...
-16 february 2011-

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