Friday, September 19, 2014

Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping Beauty

The moonlight shine your face in your sleep,
To see the smile smile while you're asleep,
Beauty sleep forever waiting for prince charming to kiss,
In heart of believing the true love that never exist,
Mother came and kiss on my cheeks,
she said "good night sweetie, sleep tight my beautiful princess",
The voice of angel and the sound of sweet lullaby reminiscing to my ears,
Even mother sang in hard voice,
but the song still sounds like a golden honey,

Take a good care of her,
she's beauty and delicate yet,
fragile like rose vase,

I'm awake while you're asleep,
It is true indeed,
You're the sleeping beauty,
The warmth smile of sweet dream,
She made my heart throb,
Even when her eyes shut closed,
Sleep tight my queen,
Your mother told me you hate prince charming,
I'm your guardian,
That always protect you,
Even in your nightmare of monster under your bed.

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