Saturday, February 7, 2015


once i was plain nothing,
naive bout the world that i believe,
i abandon people i loved,
i thought they just slow me down,
and i realize they who grab my hand when i'm lost,
i was boy who cried alone,
showing smile of shame like nothing happened,
people didn't see what i see and feel,
i become things i dont want,
i was soaked with my ego and pride,
i thought i'm king,
but i just plain nothing,
i'm drowning deep with dark thoughts,
this is not i wanted to be,
i cry for nothing,
i fight for nothing,
i'm winning over nothing,
i follow my heart too much,
now i'm fighting myself,
the part i dont want,
i believe i'll be defeat,
and go back to the time i was destined to be.

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