Saturday, May 2, 2015



Where is the old me,
am i still there?
the darkness has devour me whole,
why i'm change?
can i change back to myself?
the way i used to be,
instead being the one i hate?
please help me,
i'm lost,
i just want to go home,
i'm laughing on innocent,
twisted mind with beautiful lies,
please remember me the way i used to be,
even i'm staying in your vivid memories,
i was blind,
i was left behind,
i forget those who stayed by my side,
i thought i already open,
sadly i only used one eye to perceive the world,
but not looking to myself,
i exploited those who's weak,
i killed the king,
i killed the one that used to be me,
and now i have nothing,
stuck in the maze of life,
i cant get out,
i just want to live,
i'm the monster of myself,
i'm the demon of myself,
I'm a killer of myself,
because i forgot to love myself,
please tell me how the way i used to be...

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