Saturday, April 9, 2016



You make me thinking everything,
Hoping you'll be fine each day,
these chains slowly break,
unlock the broken door shut tight without a knob,
its been a while i haven't worry about someone,
when i opened my eyes,
first word making my breath is your name,
this dead heart start pulsing faintly,
those smile, those eyes,
made me wondering where have you been all along,

It is my dream to write about someone who looks me straight in the eye,
when i reciting this,
someone i cared, someone who appreciate me when i'm around,
i may be a dick or a douche,
but when you by my side,
you make this dry heart melt,
love me like you do,

When i took a glimpse into your eyes,
something tells me, go for it.

I'm just a little boy in this big world,
i need a girl to hold my hands and say,

"lets make it ours"


i'm just a boy who full of wonder.

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