Thursday, March 27, 2014



You catch my heart just by the curves of your smile,
the first gaze that i never forget,
you make me feel out of this world,
You're treasure of my eye,
i never get bored with it,
crave my name in your heart,
the wound that never bleed,
the pain you never feel,
your laugh and giggles
made my day bright as sun light,

the warmth of your surrounding atmosphere
made me calm as clear lake,
the moment i saw you in my sight,
i smile even there is no jokes playing in my mind,
by looking straight to your eyes,
you made me unfold the stories that i never told to anybody,
the reason i want you,because you made me tell the truth not a lie,
the gaze of yours pierce thru my mask and iron heart,
when i'm with you,i feel somebody who care bout me,
i'm happy,
you blow all of my sadness,
you made me feel strong again,even stronger than i used to be,
the one who give me the reason why i need to move forward,

thank you for staying by my side,

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