Saturday, March 29, 2014

The Forgotten Land of Dream

i'm looking straight to the vast of ocean,
If only i can be with you,
but,it is only a dream that never come true,
we used to live happily,
but when the storm of sadness and despair came,
and pouring the rain of jealousy and misery,
make our relationship split by two
we start to fighting,
always searching for the point to make a move,
so we begin to war,
tearing the land of dream apart,
destroy all of our surrounding,
all the troops are deploy,
the skills and tactics clashing each other,
non stop,
until one day,
she came to my kingdom,
and attack with the most deadly poison that rips a person,
piece by piece from inside,
they called, WORDS,
she attack straight to my heart,
i'm down,all the memories that we build with happiness down to crumbles,
the path to the land of dream are destroy,
nothing left but memories in my mind,lock with the chain seal,
i created an door,the door without knob and key,
i use that door to keep all my memories with you,
i called it,
The Forgotten Land of Dream.

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