Friday, September 13, 2013

Glass Lady

you come in my life shine bright as a sun,
your beautiful is can't describe by word nor picture,
when i see you,
you reflect everything around me,
you make me forget everything,
what i can see,
only beautiful you in front of me,
but,when i touch you,
your skin start to crack,
and you cried,
you show your heart,
it was shattered to pieces,
i said,dont worry,
i know your heart very fragile,
use my heart instead of yours,
you give me the most cutest smile i every see,
i put my heart and soul in you my love,
i hope you can keep it,
let it be forever with you,
you never crack or break again while you with me,
i always take care of you,i always be there with you,
you're my glass lady.
i forever be with you.

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