Sunday, August 17, 2014

About you,

The day when our eye crosses to each other, i got the feeling that you have something special in you, the day when i got the guts to say a word with you, its like a miracle happening to me like thousand year worth for waiting, actually, i have been keeping this everything, my motions, feelings to you for a very long time, the day when we started to become friends, i feel like thank gad i finally get to approach you even deeper, you know, you are the only one that i like to look straight to the eye, because mostly, when i looked to women eyes, i felt nothing, and i already get the feeling we cant be together because i cant see what inside them, except you, its not like you're easily to read or something but, this feeling, its like craving for more and more about you. i keep it close because i dont want you to realize that i have feelings for your for a very long time, you know, when i feeling down and i cant get up, i put my target on you, if i cant get up and change myself to be better person like the one you deserve, i cant dreaming to be with you, so i go out and learn with other girls to see my flaws, which one i have to change and which one is not, this feeling for you, for the first time i felt soo real for this, usually i take bout "this thing" very lightly and to be honest, i dont give a shit bout it, maybe i'll be stress bout it for a lil bit because you know, shit happened and i dont wanna to repeat my mistake again and again, for this time, i'm gonna hold you tight, and if fate let us both to be together, insyallah i'll give my best for you, you know, it is hard to keep it balance between the great power of love and the bond of family, i dont want any of those to be broken, no matter how hard our life hit us, the one who brought us up again is our family, if your family or my family didnt like it, there must be a reason for that, the special relationship that we created with people is not bout to destroy or conquering other life, we created the relations just for enhance ourselves, for companion when we cant face the world, we share our problem and solve it together, the reason i like you because you're special, maybe you're a lil bit "blurred" bout things and thats okay, that is why i'm here for you, and i like your smile, the way you look at me, those eyebrows, haha, sometimes your eyebrow makes me turned on, and i dont know why that suppose to be a reason, your funny looking when you walk, your voice, and your heart that always keep me for going further and further, and the main reason i like you, because my family likes you, they said your the most beautiful person that i ever brought to their life, and you know what, i'm very proud for what they said because, i usually choose the wrong person and making very bad and bold decision, and this time, i know i choose the right person, but, the real deal is, are your family likes me? am i good enough for you at their eyes? and who am i in your heart, and am i good enough for you? for that reason i made my decision to change myself and give myself a chance to slowly change to be better person, by i mean better is the one who can guide you, teach you the way of life, my mom told me " if you want to guide someone, you must know how to guide yourselves first." and my father said "you must prepare for every circumstances in your life, and find who you are and do what you have said, if you all talked, how can you show people what you capable of." even thought i hate to hear their lectures but, they teach me alot of things. and to do this, i need you, to accomplish the life goal, not as my girlfriend, but as family, and by mean of family, not literally my blood but, someone special that i can share everything, my secret, my feeling and my life achievement. its okay that you didnt see me, i'm cool, i can wait, as long as you want, our life is short yet still long journey to go, you got your life and i got mine, so i want us to achieve what we want, and then, we can talk bout your dreams, i want you not as girlfriend or being friendzone but as companion of life. sincerely: hafiz *the most weirdest person you ever seen* 23/11

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