Monday, August 18, 2014

Blood Lady

She walk into the crowd,
people silent for the moment,
amaze by her beauty,
a breath taking smile,
hiding deepest secret that prison people heart,
her night thirst of blood,
those innocent eye but heart of devil,
showing no mercy upon human soul,
mask of devil that human fight,
blood shed is what she's ooking for,
one shed of her tear,
they start a war,
the king was deceive,
the queen were killed,
the people living in open eye dream,
but blind by their ruthless reality,
poison people mind with her beautiful lust,
leave them out cold like a spoil of dirt,
dry tongue cant call for help,
dragging people down,
into the pit of darkest hell on earth,
feast on their blood,
red wine with fine mix with human blood until last,
nobody can define what is inside her mind,
darkness coating her heart,
not a single light can penetrate her heart,
black shine of her eyes, piercing thru people true color no one can hide,
one touch of her fair white skin,
people blindly follow her order,
laughing on human mindless mind,
her rage kill thousand man,
darkness cloud conquering the skies,
follow by the thunder storm,
struck on human who defy and denied,
furious wind blow smash away anything on her path,
nothing can stop her,
she have everything for you to fear,
devour on human heart,
the reason of nightmare in beauty night sleep,
collecting living soul on her sight,
the void of hatred exist in her heart,
made her became like this,
once called as myth,
it will be your last breath,
she will seek,
the darkness mistress,
she is the blood lady.

officially made at 9.19pm 18/8/14
first draft at 6.06am 4/7/14

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