Monday, August 18, 2014


hey whats up guys, how you doing? doing great? thats nice, haha, first of all, let me do a lil bit "coretan" di sini because i do like to write some random stuff, sharing videos on my social medias and everything, not literally my everything but somehow, i feel i'm glad that i get to share something with you guys, haha, well yeah, i do like to read article bout animal and adventure of other people, *if only the world like adventure time with finn and jake that will be fun* ohyeahyeah, and now i'm just typing some random stuff again haha, aaaaahhhhh, i wish i can go on adventure travelling the world with myself, and my friend, if they not lazy to get their ass up, haha, well, today i've already updated my blog with two new poems, well, usually, people describe my poem as fucked up serious mind blowing horror and psycho shit like that, haha, i'll take that as compliment, a very very very sarcasm and bold move sir. people describe me as not a person that write poem, and that is the least expectation from them, seriously, i give my best to hide as complicated and deep as possible my blog and of course, my poems, because i dont want people with such high level of negative critics of my poem, its not like i'm spoiling myself and my poem, but it just, i dont want my poem to be corrupted and false idea to my poem, usually i write poem because i fall in love in words and i eager to learn new words as long it doesn't make my head cramp, you know, for some people, they taking words as direct contact, direct meaning, like me, when i spoke to someone, i like it to be direct and no hiding, but when it comes to writing, i like to hiding meaning, things that you hate, the moment that you love in words, it may looks like plain text and people like, what the fuck is this? and i'll introduce to them, this is your grandma and grandpa having sex in a barn next to the horse that masturbating while looking at them,haha just kidding, what? you cant take a joke? thats ok, i know its dirty, you can complain at the comment below, but dont worry, i wont read it and i simply delete it, herherher, meh, i just messing around man dont be sad or angry, put a smile on that face, i'm sorry because sometimes or most of time i like to swearing waaaaaay alot of and i lost count of it haha. the main reason for me to write a poem because i want to reach 500 poems or more before i died, some people say, why dont you write it on a book and hide it, and my answer is, i'm too lazy to write my poems on books because i write waaaayyy too many and i usually forget where i put my poems, but usually i'll posted my poem that i see it as the best, and the remaining i'll keep it as draft or in my phone just in case of new ideas coming, because, it is kinda hard to find words with such beautiful meaning and align them with your ideas, sometimes it takes a month to think, for me la, hahaha, sebab kekadang, tak tentu, there is one time, i write 5 poems at once, but sadly, i forgot to backup the poem to my laptop and its gone, is one of my sad moment,haha, ok that is all for me, i'll try me best to keep the poems and the blog alive,.*seriously, i dont know how to write my blog,but i just write what i have in my mind right now,haha*

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